Hey LA, Screening Plus Drinks!

Our friends at Live Free or Die Films are hosting another one of their film and booze and fun events (This event has been postponed). This one features our very own short documentary Digital Underground in the People’s Republic by Rachel Tejada. For any of you Los Angeles-based film buffs or boozers, here’s a great way to get your drink on while checking out a fine collection of shorts.

Here are the details:

  • Wednesday, Aug. 26, 7-10:30pm
  • Remedy Lounge, 800 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

After the jump, get more specifics on the program. For those of you on Facebook, the invite can be found here.

You know the drill (laughing, crying, DUI’s) but this time we’ve got visual entertainment.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite short films, music videos, and trailers for upcoming features from our pals. We will play them once with sound from 7P-8P. Afterwards they will loop on the lounge tv’s sans sound. We got sick of staring at blank screens surrounded by awesome filmmakers so here we are.

Some of the fun you’ll be watching includes

ADVENTURES OF POWER directed by Ari Gold
ANNA IS BEING STALKED directed by Scott Prendergast
COTACATO CITY directed by Karen Lin
EASIER WITH PRACTICE by Kyle Patrick Alvarez
PERRY’S FAIRIES produced by Barbara Burchfield directed by Maggie
THE INVENTION OF THE UNIVERSE directed by Karla Carnewall
THE YOUTH IN US directed by Josh Leonard


Snacks and Drinks are HALF OFF, as always.

Bring awesome people that will enjoy other awesome people.

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2 Responses to “Hey LA, Screening Plus Drinks!”

  1. Christopher says:

    I’m in China, therefore I currently cannot access Facebook (to see the invite page, which I’m sure is awesome), but I envy those who can attend this event.

    Fyi, in case anyone isn’t already aware, a rather huge swath of the web has been blocked by the Chinese Communist Party’s “Scythe of Harmony.”

    Facebook, Twitter, Typepad, WordPress, Youtube, Blogspot and many others. Even My mom’s tiny Unitarian church website is blocked.

    If the Internet were an important part of international trade, you’d think someone at the WTO or in the White House might be concerned that the Chinese govt has deprived American online businesses of millions of dollars in ad revenue.

    Speaking of Twitter scaring the crap out of the Communist Party, has anyone considered making a film specifically about internet censorship in China?

    Please do! It would be an interesting topic, especially if one could get access to people as close as possible to the real decisionmakers in terms of which sites get blocked or (in case of sites hosted in China) “harmonized.”

    The first reel of the film could focus on the case Yahoo giving the government access to Shi Tao’s identity and then lying to Congress about it. Lots of footage from CSPAN of a beneficiary of basic democracy and free speech (Jerry Yang) describing his company’s knowingly helping to deny those same privileges to a man in China. (But lying about knowing about it first.)

    Right now, with China that is blocking more western websites than ever before, it could be a good time to shoot such a film.

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