1428 Reviewed – Meet Director Du Haibin at Stanford, San Francisco and NYC This Week!

1428 (dir. Du Haibin)

France Pepper gives Du Haibin’s 1428 a strong review for the Asian Educational Media Service:

Du’s down-to-earth lens leaves you practically feeling the dust of the earthquake in your lungs. He portrays the reality of daily life as early as ten days after the earthquake where people are salvaging pieces of metal with their bare hands from collapsed buildings and selling them to buy food….

This documentary is especially informative when studying contemporary Chinese society. We see, for example, how the government still plays a major role in shaping public attitude towards the communist party. At the same time, it takes a close-up look at the lives of ordinary people. This two-tiered perspective is emblematic of how many aspects of Chinese society play out in reality, not just during the aftermath of an earthquake, but in everyday life.

1428 continues its three week tour of the US, with director Du Haibin appearing at select locations. Special thanks to New York University and Reel China for sponsoring Du’s visit.

Here is this week’s schedule:

Stanford University, California
Pigott Hall
Main Quad, Building 260, Room 113
Director Du Haibin to attend

SF Asia Society
Chinatown YMCA
855 Sacramento St.
San Francisco CA 94108
(415) 576-9622

Cinema Studies Screening Room
721 Broadway, 6th floor
New York University, New York
Director Du Haibin to attend

This screening opens “Reel China, 5th Documentary Biennial at NYU”
Fri-Sunday: Oct 15-18
NYU Center for Religion and Media/Cinema Studies

Maysles Cinema
343 Lenox Ave
Ground Fl., New York, NY 10027
(212) 582-6050
Co-sponsored by Weatherhead East Asian Institute: http://www.columbia.edu/weai/

*screening Umbrella*
Union Docs
322 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 395-7902
Master Class/Workshop led by Kevin Lee to follow
Director Du Haibin to attend

The tour continues next week at Harvard, Yale, Chicago, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. See the full tour schedule: http://dgeneratefilms.com/events/1428-tours-the-u-s-in-october/

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    Hello… I just wanted to add a link for more info on the New York screenings in the “5TH Reel China Documentary Biennial at NYU”, since the link provided above unfortunately doesn’t feature the schedule of films (or even link to one). Looks like a really good line-up…


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