CUI Zi’en

cui zien Cui Zi’en is a director, film scholar, screenwriter, novelist and an outspoken queer activist based in Beijing. He graduated from the Chinese Academy of Social Science with an MA in literature and now is an associate professor at the Film Research Institute of the Beijing Film Academy. Cui Zi’en is one of the avant-garde DV makers in Chinese underground film. He has published nine novels in China and Hong Kong, one of which, Uncle’s Past, won the 2001 Radio Literature Award in Germany. He is also the author of books on criticism and theory, as well as a columnist for magazines.


Queer China, ‘Comrade” China
2009, 60 min, documentary

• 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival
• 24th Turino GLBT Film Festival, Audience Award: Best Documentary

We are the … of Communism
2007, 94 min, documentary

Only Child, Upward, Downward, Forward, Backward, Rightward and Leftward
2007, 70 min, narrative

My Fair Son
2007, 90 min, narrative

2006, 109 min, narrative

Withered in a Blooming Season
2006, 90 min, narrative

WC Hu Hu Ha Hee
2005, 80 min, narrative

Shitou and That Nana
2005, 92 min, narrative

Star Appeal
2005, 86 min, narrative

The Narrow Path
2004, 73 min, narrative

Night Scene
2004, 75 min, narrative

An Interrior of Death
2003, 61 min, narrative

Feeding Boys, Ayaya
2003, 80 min, narrative

Keep Cool and Don’t Blush
2002, 70 min, narrative

The Old Testament
2002, 74 min, narrative

Enter the Clowns
2002, 80, narrative

• 3rd Jeonju International Film Festival
• 21st Vancouver International Film Festival
• 2002 Mardi Gras Film Festival
• 32nd International Film Festival Rotterdam
• San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
• 30th Flanders International Film Festival
• 4th Rome Asiaticafilmmediale Festival
• 2003 Hong Kong Lesiban and Gay Film Festival
• 2004 Asian Independent Film Exhibition (Macao)