JIA Zhangke

Jia Zhangke (b. 1970, Fenyang, Shanxi, China) has emerged as the leading figure of the sixth generation of Chinese filmmakers and one of international cinema’s most celebrated artists. He was the 2006 winner of the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion award for his movie, Still Life. Jia’s previous movie, The World, his first made with official Chinese state approval, was nominated for a Golden Lion at the 2004 Venice Film Festival. He has garnered international praise for his films Platform, Unknown Pleasures, and The World, despite their limited theatrical runs throughout the world and his relative obscurity in China. His films treat themes of alienated youth, contemporary Chinese history and globalization, as well as his signature usage of the long-take, colorful digital video and his minimalist/realist style.


Feature Films

  • 2006 Still Life
  • 2004 The World
  • 2002 Unknown Pleasures
  • 2000 Platform
  • 1997 Xiao Wu


  • 2008 24 City
  • 2007 Useless
  • 2006 Dong