LIU Jiayin

Liu Jiayin Liu Jiayin was born in Beijing in 1981. At age 23, she made her debut feature Oxhide while a Master’s student the Beijing Film Academy. Oxhide has won several prizes (including the FIPRESCI award at Berlin Film Festival, Golden DV Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Dragons and Tigers Award at Vancouver Film Festival) and has been called “the most important Chinese film of the past several years–and one of the most astonishing recent films from any country” (film critic Shelly Kraicer). Her follow-up Oxhide II (2009) was similarly lauded, and won awards at CinDi Seoul and was featured in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. She is currently a professor of screen writing at the Beijing Film Academy, and is developing the final part of her trilogy,Oxhide III.


2010, short

Oxhide II
2009, 132 min, narrative

• Cannes Film Festival

2005, 110 min, narrative

• Hong Kong International Film Festival
• Vancouver International Film Festival
• Berlin Film Festival

The Train
2002, 17 min, narrative