Newsletter – August ’09


Hello once again from dGenerate Films, distributors of the finest independent Chinese cinema. It’s been a busy summer for dGenerate Films as we prepare ourselves for the coming school year and beyond. As always, visit our website at any time for our full film catalog, blog posts on indie Chinese film, and the latest dGenerate news.

In addition to the award-winning films currently in our catalog, all handpicked for their classroom resonance and artistic merit, we’re proud to be bringing in a new batch of stellar films that continue to represent the most interesting, honest, and ground-breaking Chinese films previously unavailable in the US. New award-winning titles include Liu Jiayin’s Oxhide, Cui Zi’en’s groundbreaking queer films Queer China and Enter the Clowns, Yang Jin’s Er Dong, Peng Tao’s Little Moth, Heng Yang’s Betelnut, and Zhou Hao’s Using. These titles will be added to our catalog throughout the Fall and Winter, but we’d be more than happy to take your pre-order now!

We are also very excited to have undertaken our first co-production with environmental organization Brighter Green on their documentary Meat World, which examines the impact of meat and dairy consumption on China. For any productions wanting to film in China, give us a call, we’d love to discuss your project and ways we might help.

Please visit our website or contact us to purchase or rent our films on DVD or digital download, as well as for public performance screenings, TV broadcast, or foreign sales. Please let us know if you’re seeking input on which films might work best for your needs or films you may be seeking, we’d love to hop on a call or trade emails with you. As always, thanks for your early support of dGenerate Films and please spread the word!


Karin Chien

President, dGenerate Films / ph. 646.360.0343

dGenerate Bits

  • If you haven’t read it yet, don’t miss Jeff Yang of the San Francisco Chronicle‘s fascinating article on The Other Half director Ying Liang, dGenerate Films, and the ways in which we are contributing to the digital media revolution and in some small way changing the world!
  • Professors, take note! For those of you looking to introduce your students to the Chinese independent film world in an entertaining and educational way, consider our short documentary “Digital Underground in the People’s Republic”. Stream it here, pre-order it on DVD by contacting us.
  • Read more about our co-production of Meat World, where we paired Super, Girls! director Jian Yi with environmental organization Brighter Green with great success!

Catalog Highlights

To order our films or to get more information on any of our titles, visit our film catalog here.

Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters (Gai Shan Xi He Ta De Jie Mei Men) Director: Ban Zhongyi Documentary, 80 min. Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters tells the story of one woman’s brutal ordeal as a “comfort woman” for the Japanese Army during World War II.
Meishi Street Meishi Street (Mei Shi Jie) – Director: Ou Ning Documentary, 85 min. MEISHI STREET shows ordinary citizens taking a stand against the planned destruction of their homes for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Raised From Dust Raised From Dust (Ju Zi Chen Tu)– Director: Gan Xiao’Er Narrative, 102 min. A heartbreaking story told with compassion, RAISED FROM DUST sheds light on the unexplored lives of the approximately 40 million Christians in China.
San Yuan Li San Yuan Li (San Yuan Li) – Director: Ou Ning, Cao Fei Experimental Documentary, 45 min. Armed with video cameras, twelve artists present a highly stylized portrait of SAN YUAN LI, a traditional village besieged by China’s urban sprawl.
Super, Girls! Super, Girls! (Chao Ji Nu Sheng) – Director: Jian Yi Documentary, 73 min. SUPER, GIRLS! follows ten female teenagers on their quest to become instant superstars on China’s biggest television show.
The Other Half The Other Half (Ling Yi Ban) – Director: Ying Liang Narrative, 111 min. Xiaofen (Zeng Xiaofei) spends all day listening to everything that’s wrong with China, opening her eyes to the chaos that threatens her own life.
Taking Father Home Taking Father Home (Bei Ya Zi de Nan Hai) – Director: Ying Liang Narrative, 100 min. Seventeen-year-old Xu Yun (Xu Yun) leaves the Chinese countryside to search for his father, and finds instead a nightmare vision of survival in the modern city.
Digital Underground in the PRC COMING SOON – Digital Underground in the People’s Republic – Director: Rachel Tejada Documentary, 18 min. Six documentary shorts chronicle the changing state of China’s independent, and underground, film scene.
Little Moth COMING SOON – Little Moth (Xue Chan) – Director: Peng TaoNarrative, 99 min. When an impoverished country couple adopts a crippled young girl and puts her to work begging on city streets, a battle soon ensues over her fate.
Oxhide COMING SOON – Oxhide (Niu Pi) – Director: Liu Jiayin Narrative, 110 min. Daily life in a cramped Beijing apartment takes on epic proportions in an unprecedented, intimate portrait of a Chinese family.
Er Dong COMING SOON – Er Dong (Er Dong) – Director: Yang JinNarrative, 151 min. A rebellious teenager endures boarding school expulsion, family pressures and the harsh realities of rural life in northern China, until an uncovered secret from his past changes his life forever.
Queer China COMING SOON – Queer China (Zhi Tong Zhi) – Director: Cui Zi’en Documentary, 60 min. China’s most prolific queer filmmaker presents a comprehensive historical account of the queer movement in modern China.
Enter the Clowns COMING SOON – Enter the Clowns (Chou Jue Deng Chang) – Director: Cui Zi’en Narrative, 80 min. Straight, gay and in-between Beijingers unleash a whirlwind of transsexual mayhem in this groundbreaking, gender-bending debut by China’s preeminent queer filmmaker.
Using COMING SOON – Using (Long Ge) – Director: Zhao Hao Documentary, 105 min. A twisted relationship develops between an urban Chinese couple struggling with heroin and a filmmaker chronicling their addiction, in this provocative documentary on drug abuse, filmmaking and friendship.
Enter the Clowns COMING SOON – Betelnut (Bing Lang) – Director: Yang HengNarrative, 112 min. Along a sleepy Hunan riverside, two delinquent boys experience a summer of love and violence in Yang Heng’s visually stunning debut.