Newsletter – June 2009


dGenerate Films Newsletter: June 2009

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the inaugural newsletter of dGenerate Films. Your support in launching our company has been invaluable, and now it’s time to reap the rewards.

We’re proud to bring you the best of recent independent cinema from mainland China. We’ve curated a selection of the most interesting, honest, and ground-breaking films that no one had access to… until now. We’re confident that our growing roster of directors, from Ying Liang to Liu Jiayin, represents the brightest of China’s d-Generation, digitally-powered filmmakers working outside the state studio system today.

Please visit our website to purchase or rent our films. While our focus is on academic DVD and digital download, as well as public performance exhibition rentals, we also have got video-on-demand for viewers at home (and students “skipping” class!). Our site is also hosting original interviews, video essays, and blog postings straight from the heart of the Chinese indie community. And last but not least, email, call or comment to us about what Chinese films you’ve been dying to purchase stateside. We’ll make a special effort to acquire the titles most important to our supporters and customers.


Karin Chien

President, dGenerate Films

Digital Underground in the PRCP.S. For a more colorful introduction to dGenerate Films and the burgeoning independent film scene in China we represent, check out Rachel Tejada’s short documentary Digital Underground in the PRC!

dGenerate Tidbits

  • In the spirit of digital innovation (and social media marketing), we’ve started a Facebook group and a YouTube channel with clips from our films. Join us there!

  • As of last week, most of our films can be purchased directly through our partners at Reframe, an initiative of the Tribeca Film Institute, who are amassing collections of independent films for online distribution with the help of

  • Before we even officially launched, we’ve had our films play at esteemed venues like MOMA New York, BAM, Lincoln Center, and the China Institute, in addition to universities like UC Berkeley and University of Maryland

  • Check out the interview our VP of Programming Kevin Lee scored with Lincoln Center head honcho Richard Pena and his Q&A with The Other Half and Taking Father Home director Ying Liang
  • You’re the first to hear about our new acquisitions, which we can’t wait to share with you:  Peng Tao’s Little Moth, Liu Jianyin’s Oxhide, Yang Jin’s Er Dong, and Enter the Clowns and Queer China by Cui Zi’en.  Coming soon this Fall!

  • Seen and loved our films?  Share with the world by reviewing it on Amazon or on Reframe
  • Interested in interning for us?  Or perhaps your students?  Shoot us an email

Catalog Highlights

To order our films or to get more information on any of our titles, visit our film catalog here.

Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters

Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters (Gai Shan Xi He Ta De Jie Mei Men) – Director: Ban Zhongyi

Feature, 80 min. Documentary. Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters tells the story of one woman’s brutal ordeal as a “comfort woman“ for the Japanese Army during World War II.

Meishi Street

Meishi Street (Mei Shi Jie) – Director: Ou Ning

Feature, 85 min. Documentary.MEISHI STREET shows ordinary citizens taking a stand against the planned destruction of their homes for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Raised From Dust 

Raised From Dust (Ju Zi Chen Tu) – Director: Gan Xiao’Er

Feature, 102 min. Narrative. A heartbreaking story told with compassion, RAISED FROM DUST sheds light on the unexplored lives of the approximately 40 million Christians in China.

San Yuan Li 

San Yuan Li (San Yuan Li) – Director: Ou Ning, Cao Fei

TV Length, 45 min. Experimental Documentary. Armed with video cameras, twelve artists present a highly stylized portrait of SAN YUAN LI, a traditional village besieged by China’s urban sprawl.

Super, Girls!

Super, Girls! (Chao Ji Nu Sheng) – Director: Jian Yi

Feature, 73 min. Documentary. SUPER, GIRLS! follows ten female teenagers on their quest to become instant superstars on China’s biggest television show.

The Other Half 

The Other Half (Ling Yi Ban) – Director: Ying Liang

Feature, 111 min. Narrative.  Xiaofen (Zeng Xiaofei) spends all day listening to everything that’s wrong with China, opening her eyes to the chaos that threatens her own life.

Taking Father Home

Taking Father Home (Bei Ya Zi de Nan Hai) – Director: Ying Liang

Feature, 100 min. Narrative. Seventeen-year-old Xu Yun (Xu Yun) leaves the Chinese countryside to search for his father, and finds instead a nightmare vision of survival in the modern city.

Digital Underground in the PRC

Digital Underground in the PRC – Director: Rachel Tejada

Short, 18 min. Documentary.  Six documentary shorts chronicle the changing state of China’s independent, and underground, film scene.