19 Chinese language films at the Vancouver International Film Festival

The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), which runs from September 27-October 12, 2012, features 19 Chinese language titles hailing from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. VIFF has long been one of the premier annual North American showcases for Chinese and Asian cinema. Here are links to the program descriptions for all of the Chinese-language selections, written by VIFF programmer Shelly Kraicer.

Documentaries from China:

Three Sisters dir: Wang Bing
When the Bough Breaks dir: Ji Dan
People’s Park dirs: J.P. Sniadecki & Libbie Cohn

China features:

Egg and Stone 2011 dir: Huang Ji
Memories Look At Me dir: Song Fang (Dragons & Tigers Competition)
When Night Falls dir: Ying Liang
Emperor Visits The Hell dir: Li Luo (Dragons & Tigers Competition)
The Love Songs of Tiedan dir: Hao Jie
All Apologies dir: Emily Tang
Design of Death dir: Guan Hu
Beijing Flickers dir: Zhang Yuan

The Hunter and the Skeleton (short), dir. Gyatso Gentsu

From HK:

McDull the Pork of Music dir: Brian Tse, Alice Mak
East Meets West dir: Jeff Lau
Beautiful 2012 (Taiwan/PRC/HK/Korea) dirs: Ann Hui, Tsai Ming-liang, Gu Changwei, Kim Tae-yong

From Taiwan:

Together dir: Rox Hsu
Poor Folk dir: Midi Z (world premiere)
10+10 dirs: Hou Hsiao-hsien ; Wang Shau-di ; Wang Tung ; Chu Yen-ping ; Ho Wi-ding ; Wu Nien-chen ; Hou Chi-jan ; Sylvia Chang ; Chang Tso-chi ; Chen Yu-hsun ; Chen Kuo-fu ; Arvin Chen ; Doze Niu ; Yang Ya-che ; Cheng Wen-tang ; Cheng Yu-chieh ; Hsiao Ya-chuan ; Leon Dai Liren ; Chung Mong-hong ; Wei Te-sheng ; Shen Ko-shang

From Malaysia:

If It’s Not Now Then When? (James Lee)

Descriptions of the complete VIFF 2012 Dragons and Tigers Cinema of East Asia series at this link. Shelly has co-curated D&T for the past 4 years with Tony Rayns, who programmes our films from Japan, South Korea, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, and who is responsible as well for the Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema.

Among the directors coming to Vancouver (27 Sept – 12 Oct) are:
Song Fang, MEMORIES LOOK AT ME ; in the Dragons and Tigers competition
Li Luo, EMPEROR VISITS THE HELL; in the D&T competition
Libbie Cohn, PEOPLE’S PARK

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