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Ou Ning Programs Chinese Documentary Series in Countryside

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

By Ou Ning

The following is a translation of an announcement from the Bishan Harvestival found on artist/curator/filmmaker Ou Ning’s Weibo feed. It is translated by Isabella Tianzi Cai.

The Bishan Harvestival is a three-day festival of performances, discussions and other events organized on the topic of rural culture in China. It will be held in Bishan village in Yi County, Anhui Province, August 26-28. More details can be found on Ou Ning’s website Alternative Archive.

Ou Ning is the director of Meishi Street and San Yuan Li, both available through dGenerate.

Xiuli Film Lot in Li County of Anhui Province

Bishan Harvestival
Film screenings: Paradox of Reality: Contemporary Documentaries on the Chinese Countryside

Time: August 28, 2011 10:00-18:00
Place: The Film Theater at Xiuli Film Lot in Yi County of Anhui Province

The Chinese independent film movement, which started in the early 1990s, has consistently delved into the vast undocumented reality of Chinese society, recording life in the time of change and writing history from the micro perspective of one individual. Many filmmakers associated with this movement show great concern over the changing living conditions of Chinese villagers and their outlook on life; these filmmakers have devoted tremendous energy in bringing forth the social problems, the political movements, the religious practices, the customs and traditions, and the preservation of history in rural China. They are often seen around villagers’ houses and fields, using their lens to sculpture the changing times experienced by a time-honored agricultural society under the myriad forces of modernization. Their documentaries are one of the most valuable historical records of rural China.