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Cui Zi’en Interview at 4th Beijing International Queer Film Festival

Friday, November 20th, 2009

We found an interesting video on, a website about media, advertising and urban life in China, in which reporter Jeremy Goldkorn interviewed Yang Yang and Cui Zi’en, organizers of the 4th Beijing International Queer Film Festival, at the festival’s opening on June 17, 2009. In this candid and humorous conversation, two of China’s leading queer activists talked about the history of the festival since its initiation as a student group event in 2001, the subtlety around the terms “homosexual,” “comrade” (tong zhi), and “queer” (ku er)–the last two were used as euphemisms to bypass the official surveillance–and the improvements (or the lack thereof) in gay rights in China.

Cui Zi’en introduced his film Queer China, ‘Comrade’ China, a pioneering documentary “[bringing] together forty of the most influential people in the movement from the past 30 years.” The film, now available for purchase and rental through dGenerate Films, was the closing documentary of the festival and the opening night film of 2009’s ShanghaiPRIDE, China’s first ever LGBT pride festival.

Video can be accessed after the break.


Chinese Cinema at Cannes: Reviews of Lou Ye’s Spring Fever

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Another Cannes has come and gone; reports from my peers who attended were mostly lukewarm about the quality of the films they saw. I thought it would be worth taking a moment to collect a critical consensus on the one Chinese film in this year’s competition line-up, Lou Ye‘s Spring Fever, which went on to win the Best Screenplay Award. Many of you may know that Lou Ye’s previous film Summer Palace, which depicted the Tiananmen Square incident, led to his being banned for five years from making films by the Chinese government following its premiere in Cannes. Lou Ye was able to sidestep this ban by shooting the film undercover as a Hong Kong-France co-production.