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On the Road: Post WTO New Chinese Cinema

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

By Tianqi Yu

Originally published on ArtinChina issue 3

Chinese version published on Contemporary Art and Investment, 2011 June issue

Republished with permission of the author

The International ConferenceNew Generation Chinese Cinema: Commodity of exchange” took place at King’s College London on 26th and 27th May 2011. It is regarded as the first international conference that focuses solely on contemporary Chinese cinema in the UK.

The conference focuses on how China’s market forces and new eco-political role on the global stage have impact on Chinese cinema from the year 2000 onwards. It aims to explore a diverse range of films, from commercial Chinese blockbusters to regional films; from popular genre waves to avant-garde art works; from ethnographic documentaries to amateur works that use digital filming techniques, to examine how these films are exchanged as commodities within the global and local film festival circuits and markets.