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No. 89 Shimen Road Wins at Warsaw Film Festival

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

"No. 89 Shimen Road" director Shu Haolun

Congratulations to writer-director Shu Haolun, whose new film No. 89 Shimen Road just won the Best Asian Film Award (NETPAC Award) from 27th Warsaw International Film Festival.

In giving the award to Shu, the NETPAC jury commented on their decision:

The 27th WFF NETPAC Jury gives out the award to a film that poignantly depicts the struggle of a country confronted with a new order. It is also a personal and touching view of a world that no longer exist.

No. 89 Shimen Road is available through dGenerate Films. It will screen in Chicago next month as part of an 11-film series on Chinese independent cinema hosted by Doc Films.

Shu’s previous films Struggle and Nostalgia are also available through dGenerate.

Thinking Differently on Steve Jobs’ Legacy: the Struggle of Chinese Labor Reform

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

By Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph

Assembly line workers at Foxconn manufacturing facility subcontracted to Apple (photo: Kotaku)

A man, a plan, an empire: the death of a CEO can signify so much. Honorific accounts of the late Steve Jobs have been in no short supply since the Wizard of Apple’s passing last week. A tech developer and designer of the highest order, Job’s passing leaves a legacy of stunning innovation amid a complex corporate structure and a few harder-edged questions about what it truly means to change the world.

Among the litany of Jobs tributes, it might have been easy to miss Mike Daisey’s critical appraisal of Jobs’ legacy in The New York Times. While acknowledging Jobs as a genius possessed of a “brutal honesty,” Daisey addresses the often-overshadowed underpinning of the Apple operation, such as the crowds of young Chinese migrants whose tireless, anonymous work built iPhones and MacBooks in factories throughout southern China. Referencing the 2010 spike in suicides at Shenzhen’s Foxconn factory, a manufacturer of popular products by Apple, Dell, and Sony, Daisey addresses Apple’s recent history in the now infamous manufacturing region:


Chinese Language Films at the Pusan International Film Festival

Monday, October 11th, 2010
By Isabella Tianzi Cai

No. 89 Shimen Road (dir. Shu Haolun)

The 15th Pusan International Film Festival runs from October 7 to 15 this year. It is one of the most prestigious film festivals in Asia. This year, 103 world premieres will be presented at the festival, with a significant number of them made in China.

“Each year, Chinese films take the largest part of our programme,” said Kim Ji-Seok, the executive programmer of the festival told American Free Press. “I think the role and presence of Chinese film is very crucial in supporting the advancement of Asian cinema and joint productions between Asian nations.”

Below is a list of the Chinese films in this year’s PIFF Programs. dGenerate directors JIA Zhangke (Dong) and SHU Haolun (Nostalgia, Struggle) are on the list.