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Documentary master Zhao Liang at Minneapolis (tonight!), Boston and New York (next week!)

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Petition (dir. Zhao Liang)

In the recent Top Ten Chinese Films of the 2000s poll, one of the top-ranked documentaries was Zhao Liang’s Petition: The Court of the Complainants. A pretty impressive showing, given that the film was just released last year and has been seen by relatively few people, even in Chinese cinema circles. Tonight folks in Minneapolis will have a chance to see what some are calling the most exciting Chinese documentary since West of the Tracks.

Zhao Liang will be visiting the Walker Art Center this weekend to present his films Petition and Crime and Punishment. Then he will visit the East Cost to present his work at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University, the Harvard Film Archive, the China Institute in New York, and the Center of Religion and Media at New York University.

Information on his films and a full schedule of his programs after the break.


Lessons from the Underground: China’s Indie Music Scene

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

The blog for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN, published an interesting article about the film series “The People’s Republic of Cinema: 60 Years of China on Film” we mentioned before. Rather than a regular film review, the article tries to summarize “New China’s” turbulent history, the “intense economic, political, and cultural growing pains” that led to today’s emerging global power, and rightly points out that “Chinese filmmakers (those both inside and outside of the border) are in a unique position to process and reflect their current cultural moment.” The author further alludes to her own encounter, from a study trip, with some Shanghai boys who strongly identified with American hip-hop culture and formed their own band 021 Crew to travel throughout southern China and rap in Mandarin, Japanese, and English. Hip-hop offers them a sense of freedom and participation in global culture. The author notes, “To them, it is a platform of revolution.”


The People’s Republic of Cinema: 60 Years of China on Film in Minneapolis

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Marking the 60th anniversary of “New China,” the Walker Art Center and the University of Minnesota co-present a timely series tracking the decades of political tumult and massive cultural and economic change that followed 1949’s Communist revolution. “The People’s Republic of Cinema” traces the evolution of the nation through the eyes of its most innovative filmmakers, as well as the changed landscape of its film industry.

The fourten films span from the leftist classical, made at the eve of the Communist victory, Crows and Sparrows (1949) to such “model plays” produced during the Cultural Revolution as Red Detachments of Women (1961, modern ballet version 1970) and Red Lantern (1970), from the “historical and cultural reflection” of the fifth generation like One and Eight (1983) and Yellow Earth (1984) to independent products of the sixth and the digital generations, such as Beijing Bastards (1993), Platform (2000), and Good Cats (2009, by dGenerate director Ying Liang, area premiere). As a whole, the series charts the unprecedented propulsive energies at work through years of radical transformation and looks to the future of a country still in flux – one responding both to its past and its relatively new prominence in the larger world.